Rondel is our most popular design. Using photographs taken by the artist for the exterior (called the wrap), these are then covered in clear vinyl for protection.




Available in 2 sizes, the bodies are made of wood. Interior colors will match the exterior as usual. There will be a number of different designs - some will be painted, and some will be stained. There will be a wide variety of adornments, as well. The cells are dry; the bases of the scopes' bodies are attached with magnets, and the cells are not sealed permanently so any additional items can be added to what is seen.


Open Editions are scopes that will be made as long as we receive requests for them.  Different designs are added to these lines, so check back periodically for the latest and greatest.


This the newest design presented by Wilde Originals. Made of aluminum tubing, these one-piece scopes have an added touch of "bling" to the exteriors. At 4 1/2" tall by 1 3/4" in diameter, these are a nice item for a desk, a shelf, maybe even a pocket on occasion!

Serenity is a smaller version using photography by other artists that are then matched by Ms. Wilde with sayings that reflect the photo.


A new pet for those who like the feel of soft fur! A smaller version (more or less) of an Astralite, these little bits of fluff have a 2 mirror, 4-point system and eyes with which to watch you. A crown of rhinestones gives him (her?) a touch of bling.  


A smaller version of the Astral, this small bit of flash is roughly half the size. Usually covered in rhinestones, it provides a touch of glitter to its setting. 2 mirror, 4-point system.